Duty Light Camera®

At BSTI our firm position is that we will never be a “Me Too” manufacturer. If we cannot make it different and better, we simply will not be in the category.

The Duty Light Camera® DLC-200-4-MIL-RC, is an all around great duty light that is bright, durable, water resistant and shock resistant, in a small size that easily fits on an officer’s belt.

It is not just a great rechargeable duty light, but the fact that it has a simple and easy to use built in VID, digital video recorder, makes it an essential tool for police officers, allowing the officer to record the events as they took place and can “Cover Your Assets” later in court.

The DLC-200-4-MIL-RC, Duty light camera®, is small and lightweight (approx. 12.3 OZ) and 7.5” long, and has a removable light diffuser for very high end video clarity that virtually eliminates the hot spot. The diffuser can be stored in the end cap of the light when not in use.

The built-in audio can be de-activated.

• Aircraft grade aluminum construction with hard anodized finish
• Super bright state of the art LED with DC/DC power management
• High/Lo/Strobe
• High: Up to 310 lumens, Lo: Up to 170 lumens
• 2.5 hours of run time on high power setting / over 8+ hours on low
• 50,000+ hour LED life span
• Rechargeable Lithium Battery
• Integrated CMOS Color Video Camera, with audio
• Latest 3GP video format
• 4GB video storage capacity/ 8GB Optional
• Approximately 6 hours of video record time
• Active array size: 640 x 480 pixels
• 58° viewing angle
• Downloads directly to your computer via USB cable (included)
• Independent video On/Off switch with video activation indicator light, audio may be deactivated
• 120 volt AC & 12 volt vehicle charger (included)
• Water Resistant and Shock Resistant
• 1 Year Limited Warranty


DLC™ (DLC-200-4-MIL-RC)

Duty Light Camera®

• Max Output: up to 310 lumens / Lo-170 Lumens
• Runtime: Hi-(2.5 Hours) Lo-(8+ Hours)
  Strobe-(2.5 Hours)
• Battery: 1 Rechargeable Lithium Battery (included)
• 4GB video storage capacity
• Approximately 6 hours of video record time
• Active array size: 640 x 480 pixels
• Latest 3GP video format



These videos clips were recorded with the Duty Light Camera®.
Look at the great video resolution and hear the exceptional sound quality.

Vehicle Damage- 29Mb
Rifle Fire - 2.6Mb
Pistol Fire - 3.1Mb
Home inspection - 13Mb
Outdoor-Indoor - 16Mb
Interior Natural Lighting - 11.7Mb

Price: 4GB:$550.°°
8GB: $650.ºº

Extra Rechargeable Battery $40.ºº (optional)

4GB Model 8GB Model

Add Extra Battery
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ROTO-LOC Holster


police flashlight holster

Brite-Strike’s Roto-Loc Articulating Tactical Holster answers the need for the officer who desires a holster which can be positioned at various angles to facilitate the draw or greater comfort. The positive ratchet allows the user to position the holster at any angle desired through a full 360 degrees and have it stay there. This proven method has been used with baton scabbards for years and is now available for the DLC-200-4-MIL-RC. To use the light in a hands free mode, place the light back in the Roto-Loc holster, set the precise angle to aim the beam in the desired direction.

The Roto-Loc RLH-DLC is constructed of a rugged polymer which provides a rigid holster that retains its shape and functionality in extreme temperature ranges. The unique retention system features a safety strap which locks the clamshell action closed around the light until needed. The operator only needs to pop the snap so the light can be drawn rapidly. Replacing the light is just as easy and the safety strap is easily secured with one hand.

The most unique feature is the locking jaw belt attachment system. BSTI recognizes that operators often need to move equipment around from a belt to a MOLLE vest. The operator can preset the locking jaw belt attachment system to match the width of their duty belt. The holster can now be quickly and easily removed from the duty belt by simply pressing the two locking bolts located on either side of the Roto-Loc RLH-DLC and expanding the jaw mechanism so it can be moved to another belt or MOLLE vest in seconds.

The Roto-Loc RLH-DLC is impervious to moisture and extreme temperatures making it the ideal choice for patrol, marine units and the tactical operator.

Price: 60.ºº


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