UV APALS-AIR® Active Illumination Light Strips

UV Light When There's None From The Sun.

UV coated decoys work great but cannot reflect UV light if there is none available from the sun. At midday on a perfectly clear day only about 3% of the suns rays contain the UV Light band that waterfowl see.
At dusk, dawn and cloudy days there is practically none. UV APALS-AIR® LED Light Strips produce a very small amount of UV light in the correct wavelength (390nm) to work with the UV coating on your decoys.
Most days some UV light is produced but it varies dramatically and is constantly changing based on the movements of clouds. Our UV APALS-AIR® LED Light Strips have a special proprietary finish that is flat, so it does not add any additional reflection, only a small amount of actual UV light. The LAT™ Light Absorbing Technology is available in a black or white finish. There is a slow flashing mode which simulates the changing amount of UV light creating a realistic effect of cloud movement (Rayleigh Scattering).
The super thin LED strips weigh next to nothing so they will not affect the way a decoy floats, moves or a windsock decoy streams. They are waterproof (tested to a depth of 200 feet), shockproof and the UV version operates up to 400 hours. The 3M® adhesive back with an Easy-Pull Tab, holds tight in both fresh and salt water.
Using UV APALS® will give your decoys the edge not only on cloudy or dark days but also at dusk and dawn.

UV decoy, UV decoy lights


UV Light When There's None From The Sun.

ultraviolet decoy light

• Up to 400 Hours Runtime Each
• On/Off and Flashing Modes
• Waterproof, Shockproof

UV APALS-AIR® with Active Illumination is a breakthrough patented technology as it does not require sunlight that contains UV rays to enhance the look of the decoy making it the most realistic in low light conditions.

• Get The Most Out Of Your UV Coated Decoys
• The Best UV Coating Cannot Reflect If There Is No UV Light Available
• UV LED Light Strips Actually Produce UV Light
• Best Waterfowl Gunning Is At Dusk Or Dawn And Dark Cloudy Days
When There Is Little Or No UV Light Available From The Sun

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