Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products Inc. was started by two police officers, to create world class tactical flashlights that had the features that police officers and citizens need to keep them safe.

Glenn Bushee Jon Neil

The brilliant, flawless white light in a small easy to carry size can be used to temporarily distract and disorient a suspect or attacker.

The Tactical Blue Dot® switch was designed by Jon & Glenn to have features that a patrol officer needs, such as the tri-sided barrel design for a more ergonomic grip, front and rear tri-strike-crown, provides maximum impact for pressure point and weapon retention techniques.

The Citizens Safety series are designed for citizens that wish to participate in a self defense course taught by police departments. For questions about where you can take a course call your local police department or email

Brite-Strike makes a promise to always use the latest technology, world class components, highest design and manufacturing standards, so you can rely on your Brite-Strike® light when you need it.

We only make tactical flashlights with the latest LED and DPM (Digital Power Management) chip technology, as older LED and incandescent lighting technology cannot compare.

Brite-Strike® Professional Tactical LED lights and Lighting solutions were designed by police officers for the needs of police officers and SWAT teams. We designed lights that could meet real world standards for ease of operation that never require any twisting or turning that requires two hands.

Today’s lights with LEDs from leading manufacturers are better than ever. An LED is virtually indestructible, but the chips that manage power and functions including the strobe function that is so popular, are highly susceptible to breakage in other manufacturers lights. The patented design on our Tactical Blue Dot® switch flashlights, protects not only the chips in the head but also in the tailcap, making them virtually indestructible. Try taking a tactical light with a twist and turn protruding endcap and smash it against a brick wall and you will see what we mean.

Our beam is a brilliant white light that closely approximates daylight and has no dark rings or spots and a minimal hot spot. We do not use collimator type lenses like many of our competitors, which result in overheating and a narrow beam. We use Pure Lumen Output to give you jaw dropping performance. Our proprietary Active Heat Sink Technology, allows us to drive our lights at higher amperage without overheating. The result is more lumens and longer run times.

We do not mass produce lights for mass merchant retailers. We manufacture in small batches with meticulous quality control. This allows us to incorporate the latest technology all the time, so we are always ahead of the pack.

Our DLC™ Duty Light Camera rechargeable duty light with built in VID, video and audio recording and the TOC, Tactical Observation Camera, both at break through prices will help keep officers safe on the street and in court. As almost all of our employees at Brite-Strike are active duty police officers and share ownership in the company, we have a unique perspective in knowing what officers and operators need. Designed by Police Officers for Police Officers® is more than just a tag line.

While we did not specifically design our lights for the military, it turns out that many SPEC Ops teams appreciate the design features and quality, as well as our world class customer service have made Brite-Strike their personal tactical light. Our patented IR Tactical Balls® were made at the specific request of numerous teams and operators.