Date: Tuesday June 23, 2020


Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. (BSTK.PK) announced today that it has developed a low-cost UVC medical device that adds pathogen killing technology for N95 face masks effective on Covid-19.

N95 masks act as a barrier to help prevent the spread of pathogens in droplets from being exhaled and inhaled but provide no capability to kill pathogens. Our patent pending technology will add this critical component. The micro device can be installed in any N95 or mask with structure like the Under Armour Sportsmask in seconds. The device can also be used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide and a heat source to decontaminate a single users N95 mask in the field.

We have received FDA Pre-EAU approval allowing us to begin testing said Glenn Bushee, Brite-Strike President/CEO. We have several other initiatives in the works that utilize the technology that do not require FDA approval, Mr. Bushee said.

Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. and Mr. Bushee hold numerous patents related to LED light in visible, IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) light as well as UV light for sterilization of air and water.

Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. is the operating company for Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products Inc.

Brite-Strike designs and manufactures unique, patented, cutting edge LED products for military, law enforcement, outdoor recreation, fishing and marine safety through top distributors such as ADS, Amazon, Galls, Grainger, Southern Police Supply, Spearpoint (AU), Trusco (Japan) Walmart, Zoro and through OEM partnerships around the globe.

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