Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. has developed the Bug-Strike® Light based insect repelling system. It uses IR (infrared) UV and Blue light to repel insects. Bug-Strike® set of three attaches to any hat using the 3M® peel and stick adhesive or by the hook and loop kit (included).



The Brite-Strike® Bug-Strike® LED insect repelling system was developed 100% through field testing. There is a large body of scientific research related to the use of IR light to repel mosquitos (Gates Foundation) and others for UV light and near UV light aka blue light nm range also called near UV light to repel insects. It should be noted that in certain wavelengths often called “black light (365nm) these can attract insects yet at lower and higher wavelengths they appear to repel insects. Black lights are primarily fluorescent tubes that have specialized phosphorus-based coating that changes the character of the light as it appears to insects. We prefer to keep the specific wavelength proprietary as well as the coating we use on the LEDs. The result is all of the LEDs are visible to the human eye in shade or low light.

The combination of specific nm wavelength of IR light, UV light and blue light used in conjunction with specific proprietary coatings on the LEDs, works very well to repel most flying insects keeping them around 10” to 16” away. We found the system to works to repel: mosquitoes, deer flies, horse flies, black flies and gnats.

Note: All tests were conducted with the LEDs only with no other type of natural or chemical insect repellent. We expect that the use of one or more proven repellents used with the Bug-Strike® LED light repelling system to enhance the overall effectiveness.

It should also be noted that to repel mosquitoes only, the IR LED worked nearly as well.

The product package consists of: one UV LED, two IR LEDs and one blue LED.  The run times for UV are up to 400 hours, 350 for blue but only 100 hours for IR. The further you move up the nm light spectrum the more power is required. The inclusion of a second IR LED is so that the product will deliver 200 hours of operation to the consumer.

Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. supplies US and NATO Special Forces teams and has a reputation for under promising and over delivering. We make the claim of 200 hours of runtime but deliver more. Bug-Strike® kit includes hook and loop mounting kit. The system can be attached by either the 3M adhesive peel and stick backing or the hook and loop attachment kit to attach to any hat, pack or stroller etc.

Strobe modes:

Our current circuit board have a steady on, slow strobe and fast strobe modes. The fast and slow strobe modes seem to be more effective but we will need further extensive field testing to make any statements.

US Patent Number: 11,737,449 B1


Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

Brite-Strike® Bug-Strike® FAQs:


What is the best way to attach the LEDs?

There is a simple peel and stick 3M® adhesive that works well for hard flat surfaces. You simply peel off the backing and press firmly against the surface for 10 seconds. The surface needs to be cleaned for best results. For mounting on soft surfaces such as a hat the included Velcro® hook and loop works best. Visit www.brite-strike.com/prodcut/bug-strike to see a how to video.

Can the LEDs be switched off when not in use?

Yes, there is a raised switch on each LED, you cycle through to off mode.

I noticed there are two flashing modes on the switch, then steady on, which mode works best?

Always use the fast flash mode to start, it works best for most situations.

Does Bug-Strike® kill mosquitoes or other flying insects?

No, it simply repels them and keeps them about a foot away from where they are attached. If you have them on a hat visor it will keep them away from your face and top of your head.

Does it work on Blackflies?

Yes, we tested them this summer in the Allagash Wilderness in the North Maine Woods.

Does the set have 3 or four LEDs?

It comes with one Ultraviolet, one Blue and two Infrared LEDs. A second Infrared or IR LED is provided as the they have a runtime of 100 hours and the UV and Blue are 200 hours. The complete set of four LEDs will give you 200 hours of use.

Can the batteries be replaced?

No, you simply remove and replace the entire unit.

I thought that UV light attracted some insects?

Yes, some UV or near UV light often called black light can attract flying insects. Other wavelengths repel them.

Is Bug-Strike® Waterproof?

Yes, the LEDs are sealed and are 100% waterproof and shockproof.

What are the advantages of Bug-Strike® over other repelling methods:

Bug-Strike® uses only natural light and the LEDs are waterproof and shockproof. Many chemical and natural sprays are effective but can easily be washed off when in water. Citronella candles and butane powered devices that use heat to dispense repellent are big, not waterproof and cannot be mounted to a hat practically. All three LEDs weight about ½ an ounce.

Is the IR and UV light visible to the human eye?

The IR and UV light we use are in the near range of what can be seen by the human eye. We further enhance this with special proprietary coatings that enhances the light flying insects see. The light is very faint to the human eye, you need to look in the shade to see if the LED is powered on. You will not be able to see much light in direct sun, but the flying insects do.

How can I tell if the LEDs have reached the end of their battery life?

Look at the light in a shaded area or dark room. Even if there is a very faint amount of light output it is still working. If you start to see mosquitoes and deer flies landing on your hat or face it is time to replace the LEDs. Note: you will not be able to see the IR LED in bright sunlight or wearing sunglasses.

Is there any harmful light emitting from the LEDs?

No, we do not use any light that is harmful.

Does Bug-Strike® repel ticks?

No, it has no effect on ticks.

Do you need to use Bug-Strike™ with commercial bug sprays/repellants?

No, Bug-Strike® Light Repelling System is designed to repel multiple types of flying insects as a stand-alone product. You can of course use it in conjunction with your favorite natural or chemical insect repellant sprays. You might want to consider our Outdoor Sport SHIPS™ foldable mesh cap with Bug-Strike®, it has a mesh gaiter that can be worn to cover your face and neck or with the mesh net draped over the back of your neck in areas of heavy blackflies, no-see-ums and other tiny insects. This ultralight mesh cap has an SPF rating of 45 and allows great airflow for total protection from sun, insects and heat.

Can animals see the light when I am hunting?

Yes, most animals will see the light emitted. You can try placing them on the back or top of your hat.

Is there scientific proof of UV, Blue and IR light repelling flying insects?

Yes, visit our website www.brite-strike.com/prodcut/bug-strike for links and pdfs on the subject.






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